Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Mixed Media Powertex Seahorse

I just had to share how to make this Seahorse Wall Plaque, which was shown recently on the Powertex One Day Special on Hochanda TV. 
Did you watch the shows?
This project uses the new MDF Seahorse shape & a whole bundle of gorgeous embellishments. 
I started by planning out where the embellishments & fabric would be placed on the seahorse shape.
NOTE: Take a few photos rather than trying to rely on memory! 
 I did took photos but I'm sure a few embellishment ended up in different locations anyway!!

Once you're happy with your design, move all the embellishments to one side, turn the seahorse pieces over & join them together with the square of MDF.  I painted the whole of the back with the Red Powertex to seal the MDF. 
Once dry, turn the Seahorse back over & paint the front with Red Powertex.
Now the real fun can begin!
Arrange your embellishments & fabric back onto your seahorse, using the Powertex to stick everything down.  Make sure everything is coated with the Powertex & leave to dry.
At this point I also added some 3D Balls in various sizes to add texture in the spaces between the embellishments.

Now it is time to bring out all that lovely texture using your choice of Powercolor & Colortricx Pigments.
I used Rich Gold & Terraviolet Colortricx, mixing each in turn with some Easy Varnish before dry brushing the surface with a 3/4" brush


Finish by attaching a hanger on the back & your seahorse is all ready to hang on your wall.




Saturday, 10 June 2017

Mermaid Tails.....

Hello there

Did you manage to get yourself one of the new mermaid mdf shapes from the latest Powertex UK shows on Hochanda?

I wanted to share with you a way of giving your girl a little more attitude by literally raising her profile.

Start by fixing the two mermaid pieces together using the small mdf square supplied

Then using tin foil create rolls of foil and lay them down the tail. Squeeze the foil as you place it onto the shape to create a sturdy base. 

 Continue adding rolls moving across the area until all of the mdf is covered and you have created the height and shape you want, make sure you keep the curved edges of the mermaid by squeezing the foil into the shape.

 Repeat this process with the tail fins.

Add another raised area to the centre of the head to create the back of the skull. As before build this out to the edges using rolled foil 

 When these are complete take flat pieces of foil and wrap across the whole foiled tail area and across the head to keep everything in place. Tuck the excess foil to the back of the mermaid ensuring that you mermaid still sits flat.

Finally cover all foil with a layer of masking tape

You can then apply a coat of Powertex to give everything a common base.  This is now ready for the application of your design whether that's fabric, stone art clay, 3D flex, Powertex and bister or any combination you want to apply.

Have fun creating your own Mermaid Tails.


Friday, 9 June 2017

Perfectly Pink Powertex Jellyfish


I'm loving the POWERTEX shows on HOCHANDA today and I hope you are too!  Tracey and Anna have done us proud and I am so inspired! 

A day without Powertex is a day...well let's not even go there!

So here's another project to help you create your own Powertex art work.  It's time for a Jelly Fish! 

I remember my brother being stung by one of these critters in Llandudno when we were kids and that was not fun at all!!!! This however was....

As before, I did a rough layout of where I thought I would place my embellishments and textiles.  

TIP: Take a photo!  Once we swipe them off to get started it's easy to forget!

I started with Ivory Powertex and spread this all over and in the joins between the top and bottom peices.  I then spread it all over the strengthening piece.  

I love the way these have been designed!

I dried it with a hairdryer (then picked up all the embellishments that were blown over the floor by the hairdryer - woops!!)

Once dry I turned it over and did the same on the front. 
I then poured a tiny bit of the Red Powertex into the Ivory and mixed it up. This gave me a soft to medium pink!

TIP: less is more in colour mixing as Powertex tends to dry darker!

I spread the pink Powertex all over the front and then started to add my texture.

First I started with some of the lace and ricrac braid.  Using the lace around the curved top of the jelly fish and moving down to the two outer tentacles with the ricrac braid.

Next the embellishments, circles and cogs.

Oh boy I had fun with this, it was kind of like karma thinking back to my unfortunate brother falling foul to their nasty sting!  

I have to say I haven't had so much fun in ages!!!

Once they were all in place, I used some of the Powercotton from the embellishment pack to add a bit more texture.

I then sprayed with black bister for a bit of dimension and dried with the hairdryer and left the piece to dry overnight.

NOTE: you can dry this in a drying box to speed up but it was more convenient to me to leave overnight.  I also find this gives the metal embellishments chance to dry to a really hard fix.

Once dry I had lots of fun colour to bring out all that fabulous texture and detail.

The first lot of dry brushing I did was with the Powercolour burgundy pigment with Easy varnish and my 3/4" Powerex Brush to go back over some of the areas I had covered with bister, this can be seen in the image above right.  

I then moved onto blue and green, as shown on the left.

Next one of my favourite colours, Yellow Ochre - you can seen this around the tentacles in the image to the right! 

As I always do, I added bits and bobs of colour in various places sometimes overlapping with what colour I had already laid down.  This really creates so much interest.

Finally I used my most favourite of the gold pigments Colourtrix Bronze Gold.

Here is my funky Perfectly Pink Powertex Jelly Fish in all it's glory!
Hope you like it and hope to see your Jelly Fish popping up on Powertex Addicts facebook page very soon!
Have fun and bye for now!
Fi xx


So what did you think of the fabulous PowertexUK launch shows on HOCHANDA last night with our fabulous Ma Tex herself, Tracey Evans and my hugely talented Powertex DT teamy, Anna Amelia Howlett of Rosehart Studio?  What fabulous products they have bought us and oh my... their projects!!!!!

I love all the hustle and bustle that preparation for live shows bring with them and I have been very blessed to have been able to play with some of the gorgeous products they have bought you to create this rather pretty Seahorse and in a later blog today there is a perfectly pink Jelly Fish.

Before I started I spread out the embellishments and textiles on my workbench and came up with a rough idea of placement.  I chose to work mainly with the floral elements for my seahorse so that I could get two very different looks.

So to get started, I brushed some Ivory Powertex along the seam of the two main pieces and then brushed more Powertex onto the back of the square mdf piece and pressed this down over the join.  This gives great stability and you can also use this area to put the hanging loop on.

I then spread Ivory Powertex over the entire back and dried off with a hair dryer. I then turned it over and spread Powertex over the front and edges.

Next I started to put the embellishments into place having first coated with Powertex.  I tend to drop them into the Powertex and then rub with my hand.  This ensures that the Powertex gets into all the nooks and crannies and means we will get a superb bond ...you know the kind that Powertex is famous for!

I began at the head of the Seahorse, I used one of the circles that I snapped in half and placed in the nose area to accentuate the smile that I always think of when I look at Seahorse.

I also left some clear unembellished areas so that I could work with the Black Bister later.

I gradually moved down the body of the Seahorse adding some lace to the outer curve accentuating the spine and then some of the RicRac braid on the inner curve.

I pressed some flat and left some proud of the base as this will give extra texture and dimension.  I also left some overhanging the edge, again to add dimension.

I continued to build up the texture using the embellishments and under some of the metal pieces I rubbed some Powertex into some kitchen paper and scrunched up to raise them further and also to aid the bonding with the metal and Powertex.

Once I had added all my embellishments I added some more Powertex to the areas I had left empty.

I then sprayed liberally with the black bister and then used a hairdryer to dry off some of the bister and create a bit more textural interest with a bister split.

I then left the piece to dry overnight.

Day 2...let's get colourful and bring out the character using the various pigments that are in the pigment tray as well as the Easy Varnish.

As with the embellishments I made two colour palettes from the pigments in the kit so that the looks were very different. 

I used the Turquoise and green first and then moved on to burgundy and lilac.    

I don't add all the same colours over everything, I tend to pick out areas but allow some overlap so there is little or no evidence of a join.    

I carried on with the colours over the entire piece.

Once the main piece was coloured I decided to add a pop of colour.

So using the orange I hightlight just a few of the flower centres and the wings on butterflies.

Finally I used silver to add a bit of lustre to what I think is a rather pretty Seahorse!

Below are some close ups to show you how I created the detail, highlights and shadows.

I hope you like her and enjoy using your Powertex One Day Special and create a fabulous Seahorse of your own.

Please share your makes with us over on our facebook page Powertex Addicts United.

Keep watching Tracey and Anna on HOCHANDA and pop back later today and there will be another step project for you to follow using more of today's fabulous POWERTEX products.

Bye for now
Fi xx

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

A Window on Jurassic

A Window into Jurassic

One of our many "favourite" locations on the English South Coast is the cliffs along Burton Brandstock and eastward to Lyme Regis.  I love the contrast between the types of rock and their the colours and the little secrets of the past they reveal.  I remember one of our visits to Burton Bradstock not long after a cliff fall.  I was in awe of the rock formation, the layering and the little windows the fall had opened up in to the past.  

So with that in mind and having also loved working with Tracey Evans on our Jurassic themed shows on HOCHANDA TV where my focus was on Powertex jewellery, I decided to create a piece of wall art using the Stencils and Ammonite Moulds and remembering that fabulous holiday and location.  

Before starting with the frame, I got out my Powertex Ammonite Moulds (they come in three sizes) and mixed various colours of powertex with 3D sand to make a collection of ammonites.

For this piece I used Powertex Yellow fabric hardener to paint over the frame which was from my own stash, we all have stashes don't we? 

I then added some 3D sand and more yellow Powertex to make a fairly stiff paste.

Using a palette knife I spread the paste onto the painted frame in a vague linear pattern until the whole frame was covered.  I then painted some more yellow Powertex loosely into the linear grooves and dropped on some 3D small balls for added texture.

Next I mixed more sand into yellow Powertex to make a fairly sloppy mix, rather like wet plaster.   I poured this into the cavity and then arranged my pre-prepared powertex ammonites.  

Some I laid flat and others i places a varying angles, as they may have done naturally.  I dropped in some more of the 3D small balls.

I then took some Powertex Easy Structure - boy I love the texture of this stuff!!!

I used the three sizes of ammonite stencils from Powertex Jurassic Stencil.

I laid large one in one corner and carefully pressed through the East Structure.  Then in the opposite diaganal corner I did the same but using the small and medium stencils.

Next I used some Green Bister (mixed into a fluid with water) and sprayed across diagonally to add some weathering as seen in the image to the right.  I also added a few squirts of Red Bister.

As well as spraying evenly, I did a few short squirts to leave some blobs of bister randomly.  I felt this added to the natural weathering and formation of my cliff seen.  

I then left the piece to dry naturally overnight.

Once the piece was dry, I dry brushed over the non stenciled corners with a little more yellow Powertex that I had slightly lightened with Ivory Powertex, to give the impression of a shaft of sunlight passing over the shadows of the cliff as it revealed it's secrets.

Finally I used Powercolor Red OchreColortrix Bronze Gold and Colortrix Power Pearl Red  Pigments with Easy Varnish to bring out the highlights and features.

I hope, if you got the ammonite moulds and the jurassic stencil from our Hochanda shows, that you have had fun using them and that maybe this project will inspire you to create some more.  
Don't forget to share them with us on our Powertex Addicts Facebook page! We love to see what you create!

Bye for now...


Monday, 5 June 2017

It's the final countdown........

It's very hard to describe my feelings right this moment. Erm.... excited CHECK! Feeling slightly sick....CHECK! Super nervous...CHECK! I have the faith, confidence and support of my Powertex family around me and I am hoping I do them and you all proud with my debut on Hochanda with our Tracey from Powertex UK
Am I ready......yes....but I have always been one of those people that has a back up plan, to the back up plan. I am hoping I have created enough samples and pieces to keep me going and keep you inspired. At the same time Garry and Tracey at Powertex UK and I are in collaboration on an exciting product which we will be launching on Hochanda first. 
If you like them I would put them in your baskets and checkout quick sticks. With many other goodies that you just won't be able to say no to! Loving all the fabulous new products brought to us by Powertex Uk, they really do know how to spoil us! 
I now have the final count down song stuck in my head, ha ha. Well, not for long. Rock choir tonight and I will be learning a new tune that I will undoubtedly get an ear worm from for the next week. See you all very soon on the telly box. Are you excited yet? Don't miss us on Hochanda sky 633 on June 8th and 9th.
Toodle pip Anna xXx

Thursday, 25 May 2017

How to decorate a Mirror Tile

Hi all here I am again with another idea for using Powertex Fabric Hardener and the fabulous new flower and leaf moulds, exclusive to Powertex . I have also used Stone Art to create an attractive border.

This time I am sharing something quite different, very simple but effective. I really love the idea of transforming something I already have but do not use, into  something very special.

For a few years there lay in my stash of 'stuff' a pack of large mirror tiles. This is what I did with one of them.

I have a constant companion whilst creating in the form of a very nosey black cat called Salt.

You will need:

Powertex Ivory & Transparent

A mirror tile

Powertex Stone Art

Powertex Daisy & Leaf Moulds

Green, Yellow, Lilac Colour Pigments

Brown Bister

Powertex Varnish

A Scrap of Lace and some Jute

Large and small Paintbrushes

Masking Tape & Scissors

A length of wire that is strong but bendable.

(You don’t need a nosy cat though.)
Paint the back of the mirror with a layer of Ivory Powertex. Place the jute over the Powertex and use the brush again to add a little more until the whole surface is well covered. The jute should be about 2 inches bigger all round than the mirror.

Use pliers to cut a length of wire and curl it at the ends to form a loop. Next use a paintbrush and saturate 2 lengths of cotton material thoroughly with Ivory Powertex.

Loop the material through the wire and press down to ensure the Powertex has soaked right through. Dry the back of the mirror using a hair dryer. When touch dry turn the mirror over and add masking tape to the centre to keep the mirror surface clean. Remember to use a plastic sheet to work on. I found this table cloth in that certain shop that has everything for a pound! 

Use a paintbrush to coat one side of the jute with the Ivory Powertex then turn it over and press it down firmly. Dry with a hair dryer. Ensure it has adhered all round. Before removing the tape.

Once the Powertex is dry, remove the masking tape. It was late at night when I reached this stage so I decided to prop the mirror up against the wall on another of my plastic table cloths to dry for the night. Nosey cat had to have a sniff. He sometimes gets a little too close to where I am working and ends up with Powertex on his fur. It wears off eventually.

I had already created the flowers from Stone Art clay which was made using the Ivory Powertex and the Stone Art powder mixing equal amounts together until I had a clay that had a pastry like consistency. I kept mixing it until my gloves did not stick to the clay.  You can use your fingers too as the clay is water based and can be easily washed off. I had stored my ready mixed Powertex Clay in a plastic bag so was ready for the next stage. That was to create a border within the surrounding jute. The whole thing had dried out nicely overnight. The next stage was to create 4 long sausages the width and length of the inside of the overlapping jute.

These need to be adhered so I poured a little transparent onto a paper plate. This is where the whole design idea begins to take shape.

I coated the Transparent Powertex along the whole length  where the border was to be placed. This acts as a glue. Once it had all been flattened then pressed on I used a nice piece of lace with a deep texture to press firmly over the surface. I do apologise for the photography but it is not easy working with sticky stuff and taking pics in between.

Once everything was in place I used Brown Bister mixed with water to add depth all over and a lovely warm shade of brown. I used a paintbrush to apply it.

The Bister really brings out the texture but it does require varnishing when completely dry. Use Powertex Easy Varnish for this.

Black, nosy cats also require having their tummies rubbed after the tiring work of watching me create. I love that cat!

I hope you have been inspired.

I am from East Sussex and a qualified Powertex Tutor Levels 1 and 2 and I hold workshops from my home in Wadhurst. One of my specialities is to create figurines and I love sharing my techniques with others. Due to illness I have not been able to attend and demonstrate at all the big shows for a while so I am happy with one to ones or workshops with up to 4 students.
Email birdsdragons@gmail.com

Please check out my workshop page for details or join me on Facebook where I share many of my Powertex Creations.